Restart of Massage Therapy Services June 15, 2020

RMTs across Ontario are now permitted to gradually restart massage therapy services as a result of updates to the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health's Directive #2 for Regulated Health Professionals.

In order to resume practice, massage therapists must adhere to the Ministry of Health's COVID-19 Operational Requirements for the Health Sector, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health's #2 for Regulated Health Professionals and the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario's COVID-19 Pandemic Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists.

Monica Lim RMT will be reopening for existing clients as of June 15, 2020.

COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control Measures

Monica Lim RMT has adopted new operating measures that strictly adhere to and go beyond regulated requirements. The following are key measures to ensure your and your therapist's health and safety:

General Clinic Hygiene
  • Surfaces: All surfaces in the front porch, entry hall, client bathroom and treatment area (including table, stool, headrest and table frame) are thoroughly disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectant prior to each appointment.
  • Flooring: All flooring in the entry hall, client bathroom and treatment areas are steam mopped prior to each appointment.
  • No Soft Furnishings: Neither the common areas nor the treatment room have any carpets and other soft furnishings that cannot be sanitized for each appointment.
  • Linens: All linens including blankets are changed after each appointment, washed in hot water with bleach and detergent, and dried on the highest heat setting. All pillows provided are wipeable and are thoroughly disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectant after use.
  • Clinic Ventilation: As there is some evidence emerging that COVID-19 is spread much more easily in a confined space with little ventilation and over a prolonged period of time, the treatment room has both a HEPA air purifier as well as a new powerful True HEPA air purifier which removes particles (including viruses) as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. The air in the treatment room is completely changed over by the purifier between clients. During warmer weather, the windows inside the treatment room will be opened to increase ventilation. Also, during warm weather, client interviews before treatment may be conducted outside prior to entering the clinic.
  • Time Between Appointments: Monica Lim RMT allows 60 minutes turnover between appointments to allow for completion of full treatment room ventilation and sanitization procedures.

Measures Taken By RMT

  • RMT Health: Monica Lim self-screens for COVID-19 before every appointment. If Monica Lim feels remotely unwell with any possible COVID-19 symptoms, clients will be immediately notified and their appointments will be cancelled and/or rescheduled at no cost to the client.
  • Handwashing: Monica Lim washes her hands and arms thoroughly both before and after a treatment and as often as necessary to ensure client and therapist safety.
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Therapist Clothing: Monica Lim RMT wears a face mask for the duration of each appointment and changes clothes entirely after each appointment. Depending on circumstances, Monica Lim RMT may wear other PPE depending on circumstances, including nitrile gloves and/or a protective face shield.
  • Discontinuance of External Work Commitments: Some of you may be aware that Monica Lim RMT was previously treating staff members at Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital. To minimize risk, Monica Lim will not be returning to work at the hospitals or to any other external place of work. 

Measures to be Taken by Client

  • Client Health: Clients must monitor their own health and should not come in for a treatment if they have a temperature or feel remotely unwell. If a client begins to feel unwell after the start of a treatment, the treatment will be stopped immediately. Clients will not be charged for appointments cancelled or stopped due to health concerns. 
  • COVID-19 Screening: Clients are screened both at the time of booking and just before treatment begins. Monica Lim RMT will only be treating clients if the benefits of treating outweigh any risks to both you as client and to your therapist.
  • Handwashing: Every client is required to wash their hands thoroughly upon entering the clinic. In warm weather, a hand wash station is provided on the front porch of the premises.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Every client is required to wear a clean face mask to and for the duration of the appointment. If you forget to bring one with you, Monica Lim RMT will provide you with a new face mask. If it is not possible for you to wear a face mask for the full length of your appointment, Monica Lim will assess the risk and may either modify the treatment or cancel your treatment.

Clinic Treatments and Options

  • Treatment Lengths: Given that prolonged exposure is emerging as a risk factor for COVID-19, we regret that treatment lengths are limited to a maximum of 60 minutes or shorter inside the clinic.
  • Treatment Options: To minimize COVID-19 infection risk, Monica Lim RMT will no longer be able to perform certain respiratory and relaxation techniques, including guided deep and diaphragmatic breathing exercises and certain aspects of asthma/bronchitis treatments.

Changes to Payment Methods

  • No cash payment: We no longer be accept cash as payment. Payment may be made via credit/debit cards or by e-transfer.
  • E-receipts: You will be provided with an electronic receipt after payment.

New Client Arrival Procedures

  • Clients must arrive as close to their scheduled appointment time as possible
  • Clients must wait outside or in their car upon arrival and notify Monica Lim RMT of their arrival by text message/phone call.
  • Clients and any essential visitors (if the client is a child) must wear clean face masks. If you do not have one or forgot to bring one, Monica Lim RMT will provide you with a mask before you enter the premises.
  • Weather permitting and if appropriate, pre-treatment interviews/discussions will be conducted on the clinic's front porch.
  • A hand-washing station is available on the front porch during warm weather.